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24 March 2006 @ 05:19 pm
Too much had passed between all of them for there to be anything to say.
By the time they pulled into Steph's driveway, he was feeling the after play drop and needing very much to talk to Lij.

"See you. Thanks for the ride, Ez. Later Sean." And slammed the car door.

Moments later the rear lights of Harris's car disappeared around the bend and he stood in the darkened driveway, looking out across the Valley lights.

He finished his cigarette and stomped it out, retrieved his keys and turned up the drive to his car. It was time to collect his prize.

Elijah hadn't moved much in the lst few hours. He managed to get up, turn on a few lights, click on the stereo so the house was not so damn quiet, then settles back in his place crouched next to the wall where Viggo had left him.

He felt safe here. Whatever he was calling safe now. He had carried over a pack of cloves and a bottle of vodka. Both were half gone. He still felt stone cold sober. He just kept shaking his head and muttering "Viggo" in sheer disbelief. He had to talk his dick down a few more dozen times and prayed and dreaded Steph coming home.

The drive from his to Lij's house is short winding. He's there before he knows it and seeing the lights on lets him know that Lij has done what he asked and stayed put. He's getting hard thinking about pinning Lij and slowly opening his jeans. The little sounds he makes and how he writhes under him. And the hard length of cock he'll find inside those jeans. Oh, yeah, taking that ring off was going to be very satisfying. Maybe there really was something to switching. He chuckled under his breath and mounted the steps two at a time, key out and opened the door.

Lij startled when he heard the door open. Eyes wide, he stared at it knowing it was Steph.. well fucking hoping it was! He downed one more swallow of the vodka and stubbed out his cigarette and waited, heart thudding his chest, dick twitching in his jeans.

The door swung open and he entered, anticipation lightening his step, but the instant he saw Lij, he knew something was dreadfully wrong. He got a tight feeling in his stomach and jumps immediately to the worst possible scenario.

That the Artist had been here. Had touch his Lij. Hurt him.

"Squeek?" He said, barely above a whisper.
Lij tried to smile but it came out all crooked. He swallowed hard and moved himself back up the wall to stand, legs a little cramped and achy.

"Hey Tweak..." He wiped his sweating palms on his jeans in an unconsciously, nervous. He looked at Steph then had to look away. His eyes were flitting around the room for the first time seeing a mess the couch is, pillows are askew. He bent back down and grabbed a cigarette, lit it, exhaled a huge plume of smoke.

"Um, how was it? The House, I mean..?"

Steph watched Lij. He was telegraphing all sorts of mixed messages: Don't ask; I'm scared; I'm ashamed. He'd seen all these and he'd felt all of these. He's got to handle Lij gently.

He smiled tightly. "It was fine. Just fine."

Elijah's wandered around the room, restless. Steph wanted to get his attention without scaring him and tried to remember how Kane used to get his attention. He followed Lij into the living room and sat on the sofa.

"Hey, baby, don't I get a kiss? C'mere." He asked hoping Elijah could focus enough to get close to him.

Lij turned on his heel fast and looked at Steph on the couch. His mouth was suddenly dry, the cigarette trembling a little in his grip. He took a big breath and told himself to get his shit together. Nothing happened with Viggo. Well, nothing all that serious. Oh fuck! And his hand flew to cover the mark on his neck. Well, that was fucking subtle, he cursed to himself. Then the word 'baby' cut through his fog and he went to the couch and sat sideways to face Steph, adjusted his cock in his jeans and tries to smile.

"I need to tell you something." He whispered, not looking at Steph.

That sounded promising. Maybe this wouldn't be so hard after all, Steph thought. He kept his hands in his lap, forcing himself not to touch Elijah, to give him space.

"I know. I can see it on your face." He raised one hand very slowly and took Lij's chin, turning his head away and revealed the livid red bruise on his neck.
Elijah closed his eyes a moment and winced. He wished he could have hidden it somehow.

"I'm sorry Steph... I had.. well.. I had Viggo over." He stopped to let that sink in and see how mad Steph was going to get. He had no idea that it was the ring around his cock that had changed his attitude more than anything else. Oh, and he's in love.. yeah, let's not forget that one, he thought.

Steph was still holding Lij's chin, the words sinking in and confirming his suspicions.

"Did he rape you?" Steph asked.

Lij barked out a laugh and sagged back onto the couch.

"Oh fuck no!" He was still laughing. "I just kinda came onto him, then he jumped me, bit my neck, asked who got me all fired up, I said your name and he hit the roof, pinned me to the wall, said some scary ass shit and left." He giggled through the telling like he was telling a joke.

His face sobered in a heartbeat when it hit him everything he just said. He opened his mouth to speak again then closed it, he started to shake a little when the entire evening really started to hit him. He wished he had drank enough to pass out. "Steph.. I.. I.. " He just shook his head and rubbed his palms on his thighs, bowing his head. Confused.. that wasn't the word for it.

Steph slid his hand across Lij's shoulder and clasped his neck in a tight grip. With the other, he reached up and took Lij's chin in hand, holding it so he can keep Lij looking at him.

"Are you okay? I need you to be honest with me, Squeek. Don't try to brush it off or minimize it. Just tell me how you are." He paused for emphasis. " We can't go on from here without it. Understand?"

Lij stiffened a moment at the touch, at the 'making' him look at Steph. He managed a small nod.

"Yea, I understand." He shivered a little while taking a breath. "Just fucking freaked me out. I mean, I've crawled into Viggo's lap lots of times. It was not big deal, like hanging.. ya know? Then you tell me what he's been doing with you and Harris, then I got this hard on I could drive fucking nails with and.. sorry.. but Viggo was suddenly HOT! Ya know?" Again, it all spills out at once. Lij licked his lips and wished desperately for another cigarette.

Steph closed his eyes and dropped his hands, relief that Lij seem okay flooding through him. And he's amused at how quickly Lij took to the mindfuck. His biggest challenge with his boy would seem to be control and patience. Two things he'd worked on with Kane for many a long scene. Things he could handle. He looked wearily at the defeated face and patted an upturned knee.

"You did well. I'm proud of you." He murmurs.

It's starting to slip, that composure. It's starting to really hit him that it was Viggo that marked his neck and that he was ready to tear him up. Viggo.. Viggo.. it just seems so alien to him, and alien to himself to think of Viggo sexually. He smiled a little at Steph.

"Thanks. It's just all so weird...I don't mean us.. or this.. " he nods to the cock ring. "I mean.. him.. he was just so different."

Steph smiled and chanced taking one of Lij's hands.

"Well, I sent the lamb to the slaughter didn't I? Putting you in that ring just got you more worked up than either of us expected. So. We both made mistakes." He raised Lij's hand and opened it, kiss the inside of his wrist.

"Would you like to start again? Or are you done with little games?" He's hoping LIj will still want to play but senses his boy might need an out.

Lij shuddered at the kiss, his cock thrumming.

"All I know right now, is I am about to go fucking insane if I don't get off.. I want to play Steph.. teach me.. " He leaned over and kissed Steph's neck.

"Oh, god Squeek." He pulled Lij into his lap, straddling him and kissed the mouth he missed earlier in the evening. He kissed and kissed until Lij was whimpering and rolling his hips. He clasped Lij's ass and stilled the staccato hips, grimacing at the shock of pleasure it brought him.

"What makes you think you're going to get off? Hmmm? I put a ring on you and you take that as permission to jump the first guy who crosses your path? What kind of submission is that?"

Elijah can't help it and laughed like Steph just told a really funny joke. He ground his hips some more in Steph's grip, his head fell back and he hung onto Steph's shoulders. He felt like he is gonna cum any minute but the damn ring stopped him. He reached down to grab his dick through his jeans and moaned loud.

Steph chuckled as well and when Lij's hand hovered over his dick, his strike was quick as a snake. He captured Lij's wrist and jerked it away from the hard ridge in his pants.

"Ah ah ah....that does not belong to you tonight." He leaned them over until they fell softly to the sofa so he could properly hold Lij's hands over his head, both wrists in one long fingered hand as he ran the other over and down Lij's torso until it's just resting on the hot lump of Lij's erection.

"This," he says, squeezing Lij's prick, "belongs to me." He slid his hand down and cupped the balls that press so softly against denim. "And so do these." Lij groaned. His hand continues, sliding between Lij's legs, slipping one leg further up so he can cup Lij's bottom and finger his hole through the fraying cotton.

"This too. Mmmmm..."he murmurs, caught up in the seduction.

"Muther... fucker... "He moaned loud, Viggo now completely gone from his brain. Steph had control and it was making him insane. He whimpered and wriggled under Steph's grip, not even realizing he was doing it. Every touch was like fire and his body was in overdrive as it responded.

"Steph.. your killing me.. please.. " His head fell back as Steph squeezed again, back arched off the couch as well.

"Hmmm, just like that, yeah." He's pretty sure Lij would come just from being groped through his jeans and, what the heck, he thinks, he's young. He'll be ready to go pretty quick. He lowered his head and kissed the parted lips, then the neck and ear lobe.

"Can you come just like this?" And he squeezed the hard cock, running a thumb over the wet patch near the tip. "C'mon, Lij." He licked a deliberate path around the whorls of Lij's ear.

"Shit.. fuck.. " Lij swore, writhing around the couch, trying to avoid Steph's touch as much as grind himself into it. He felt it start to rise, his face flushed.

"Steph.. holy fuck.. Steph.. STEPH! Don't STOP!!" And his entire body went rigid with coming... but he still had that damn ring on...

"JESUS FUCK!!" Lij arched off the sofa, grinding shameless into his hand and tugging fruitlessly at his wrists.

The orgasm must've hurt, he still had the ring on, but damn, it was so hot. Lij panted in little breathless whispering 'ohs', hips jerking each time Steph's hand passed over the sensitive head of his cock or the soft mound of his balls. What a sight.

Taking over control seemed so effortless now that they were past the awkward confrontation. He slipped over Lij, off the sofa and bent down, sliding an arm under Lij's shoulders and one under his knees.

He's pretty out of it, still breathing hard when Steph carried him to the bedroom and placed him on top of the coverlet. Steph took his time, untying shoes slowly, then unfastening jeans, one button at a time and sliding them off. Finally, all of Lij's porcelain skin was laid out across the bed. He was languid, lazy, eyes half lidded and a smile like a very expensive whore.

"I think I'm beginning to understand... can I come for real now? This is fucking killing me.. " But he is still smiling, one hand goes to his hard dick and his fingers open as if he is going to start to stroke it.

"NO." The order is terse and dark.

Steph surprises himself. Wonders briefly where that voice came from and thinks that where ever it came from, he's glad it's there. "Watch me." He continues. He keeps looking into Lij's eyes as he removes one article of clothing after another. First jacket and shirt, and then, with exaggerated slowness, his belt, which he slides out and lays across the foot of the bed. Lij's eyes go wide but he continues, shoes and socks and then pants. He's down to boxer briefs when he starts climbing up the bed, kissing as he goes.

Lij has no idea he looks like a deer in the headlights. A very frustrated deer in headlights. He heard 'no' clear as day. He wanted to crawl up the bed away from Steph and make this one of their little chase me and catch me games. But he didn't move - he laid perfectly still, closed his eyes and let Steph make his moves. He did reach out once to run his hand through Steph's hair and hoped that would be permitted. He was lost at the moment and only Steph knew the way.