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20 March 2006 @ 01:01 pm


Hey, squeak...

Tweak! Where are you?

I...uh...I'm in the car. With Harris...

With Harris. Oh... okay.. Where ya going?

....Pasadena. I got a summons. From Kane.
I have to go...

So that's why all the .. Oh I see... guess I couldn't have come too. Why do you HAVE to go?

Heh...well... that's a very good question. It's part of the contract. Part of the training. A summons cannot be ignored and I can't...couldn't....not going didn't even cross my mind. But that's not why I called. Listen, I should be done before midnight. Just sit tight and wait for me, okay?

I will, Tweak - I'm sorry I sound like I'm whining - I don't mean to - just love ya and looking forward to being more involved in your life. You'll tell me all about it right? And actually, if I do go out for dinner - I'll be back before you.

Shit...baby. Can you...I don't know...can you put off your dinner with him?
It's driving me crazy the idea of you two out together.

I do love when you call me baby.. isn't that crazy? And why? We've been friends for so long, I just can't see him doing anything to me. He never has. I mean, he grabbed my ass a few times.. but..

Shit! Lij, don't tell me that...fuck...
Does he know we're dating?
Does he know?
You're gay?
*covers phone* *loud cursing noises*

Who doesn't know I'm gay? Yea he knows. I haven't had a chance to tell him about you, haven't seen him since you and I hooked up. Been too busy in bed with you to see anybody! *laughs*

*chuckles* that's good...don't...uh...Listen, babe, you really want to do this power exchange? Cause we can start right now.

*chuckles* phone sex? So soon?

Sort of...ready?

*another laugh* Sure, why not

Okay. Listen carefully. Whether or not you get to come later will depend on how well you follow my instructions. Got that?

Oh my god... um. Okay....

Good. Now, go and get my overnight bag, the one behind the door in your bedroom.

Oh okay.. *walks to the door and gets back* - got it.

Look inside the inner, flat pocket.
There should be a wide, black ring

**rummage** wow.. fuck.. yea I got it.
What the hell else you got in here? *rummages more*

Stop that! Okay, drop your pants and put the cock ring on.

*Laughs* you're serious!

Do it, or you'll have blues balls all night, I promise.
Know how that thing works?

Fuck Steph.. okay... *does as he is told*...Yes I do.. I'm not that naive...
but tell me anyway...

Good. Brat. No. Now, you'll wear this until I get to your house and take it off of you with my own hands. Do NOT touch yourself. Only touch yourself to pee. You may go out with your friend, but you'll feel that ring and know you belong to me. And DON'T let him touch you. I'll expect you to be truthful about that.
Got it?
You're touching yourself already aren't you?

*Pause - then voice all soft* yea.. I got it.. and no, you told me not to.

Good. I'm proud of you, baby. Now get your pants back on and go do your stuff. Think about what I'm going to do to you when I get home. How much I want you right now.

*another pause* Maybe I should stay home...

I'm going to leave that up to you.
I'll be there at Midnight.

Okay, I'll have to think about it. I'll be here.


I was gonna ask you to call me baby again... for some reason I really fucking like it... and thanks.

...*silence*...Thank me later, baby.
I'll see you tonight.

Okay - love you Steph.

...*swallows loudly* yeah...

*Laughs a little* have fun

*snorts* omg.
I hope so; either that or I won't be sitting down much tomorrow
See you, squeak.